Sunday, May 22, 2016


I have the most fantastic news ever (as you can probably tell from the blog title), but in less than 3 days I will finally be visiting the country I have admired for so long, JAPAN!! I feel very blessed, considering how last year things did not work out like I had hoped. PLUS, I have lost around 25 lbs since I took my new approach towards being healthy. I can now jog for 25 minutes without stopping, something I've never been able to do before. A lot of people have noticed as well, so I feel really happy with my progress :) 2016 has been very good to me so far! I have been failing on my resolution to blog more (don't I always?) But! I will have plenty of fun stuff to blog about in the next few weeks, so please stay tuned. I think I will also make a post dedicated to the details of my summer abroad program and the scholarship process I went through as well.

Although this year at university was busy, I had a lot of fun and met many great individuals. Particularly, I met two Korean exchange students from Seoul, and me and my Korean American friend instantly hit it off with them. This is one of the reasons I am so grateful to be an international ambassador. We get to form close relationships with people who have never been in the states for an extended amount of time, and show them what college life in America is really like haha. Plus, I find that international students have an incredible sense of humor!

I ended up eating many kinds of Korean food for the first time, so I will post some pics. Everyone, look forward to amazing posts from the land of the rising sun ゚+。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。+゚
OOTD from the day in January that was unusually warm~
Ddeokbokki, gimbap, and fried dumplings!
My first time having jajangmyeon :D
First time having Korean BBQ, this was the best feast I've had in a while, all you can eat bulgogi! *o*
Finally, the accompanying side dishes! The pajeon and lotus flowers were extremely tasty :)

See you all soon ♫

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

How To Make Yakisoba (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

Hey everyone! I know it was one of my resolutions to blog more, yet here's the first post since January (lol). Recently I made yakisoba for the first time. It's definitely an easy dish to make and very delicious! Reminds me of watching anime episodes where everyone goes to a summer festival and eats different foods from the booths haha. Here's the recipe~
1 large onion (or 2 1/2 smaller onions)
1 pack of thinly sliced beef (or any protein of your choosing)
1/2 of a jumbo carrot
1/2 a pack of shiitake mushrooms
All 3 packs of Nama Yakisoba noodles w/ the seasoning (you can use fav brand of noodles)
1/2 head of cabbage
1/3 cup of water
2 tablespoons Vegetable Oil
2 tablespoons Mirin
4 tablespoons Yakisoba Sauce
Salt & Pepper

To Garnish:
Beni Shouga
Cut the carrots, onions, and mushrooms into julienne strips. Cut the beef into smaller pieces. Cut the cabbage into small strips as well. Set the vegetables to the side, but keep the cabbage in a separate bowl.
First, brown the meat in olive oil on medium heat until most of the pink is gone. Season with the salt, pepper, and mirin. Next, add the carrots, mushrooms, and onions; stir fry these for a bit. Finally, add the cabbage into the pot, and add 1/3 cup of water into the pan to steam the cabbage. Cover the pan and leave for ~8 minutes.
After the cabbage has steamed (you can tell because it looses that white-ish look), add the yakisoba noodles on top and slowly break them apart as you mix the ingredients together. Let everything cook for 5 more minutes.
After cooking the noodles together you can add all the seasoning packs that came with the noodles. I found that it wasn't enough flavoring so it was okay to add the yakisoba sauce that I bought in case. The brand is Otafuku and I really like the taste! Add this into the noodles and turn the fire up. This is where you stir fry everything relatively fast!

After frying everything on medium to high heat, your yakisoba is ready to eat! In this picture, I didn't put katsuobushi flakes or beni shouga, but it still tastes really good! :) Everyone at home loved it; I ended up making it for dinner again the next day haha~!
If you want an actual video of yakisoba being made, I highly recommend watching Ochikeron's yakisoba video! I love her channel, and she has a lot of uploads for popular Japanese dishes! More posts coming soon~

Saturday, January 3, 2015

It's 2015~

Happy New Year everyone!!! I'm really glad 2014 is was a challenging year from many fronts, but it was necessary. Many events that challenged people to recognize social issues happened, and the experiences I had from the past few months have helped shaped my views and character greatly. I guess it's time for resolutions, but for once I'm happy I kept 3 of my originally planned resolutions (only 1 of them was officially written in my list though). This year I took breaks when needed, although I feel that I became lax when it came to fully concentrating on my work. I kept a mason jar where I wrote down happy things that happened over the course of the last 12 months, and I finished reading them earlier today. Finally, my friends and I were *supposed* to do the year of selfies challenge where you take selfies often and put them in order to see how your look changed. I got better at makeup, but my forehead has been troublesome lately >_< I'm gonna try and find some better products to use to even out my skin tone, ahhhh.
Now that I've gotten better at setting realistic goals for myself that I can measure the results directly, I have a new set of resolutions to tackle for 2015.
  • Take college courses that I find interesting and I can be successful in. I've realized that I do not love Biology in its entirety, plus there are so many subjects I'd love to learn more about. I'm taking an international studies course this semester so let's hope it's good!
  • Finally go to Japan. I've been working on multiple applications, and I have to seize every opportunity available. After this spring semester, I will have completed 1 year of formal classes (along with learning over 500+ kanji!!). It's been my dream since middle school so I need to work hard to make it a reality.
  • Improve my style and makeup. I bought a pastel pink coat from ASOS but it did not work for me...alas! I will still add a pastel coat to my wardrobe. And I just got my first Urban Decay palette so I want to improve my makeup even more~
  • Stick to a steady diet plan until I feel ready to transition into simply eating healthy + Stretch (again). Back in high school I was on the Atkins Diet and it really did work wonders for me. I don't want to be held back anymore because of the issues I had back then. I've returned to a low carb diet and I can see the difference again, so I'm going to keep strong and stick to it for the rest of January. Plus I've decided that I will try and get the splits down by December. I've been so close, yet so far. Fighting!
  • Update my blog more often. I always see all the top bloggers making their posts with perfect makeup selfies like everyday which is impossible for my college schedule (sleep always wins over makeup in the end omg), but I want to improve my skills so that when I go to Japan all my posts will be spectacular :)
Of course there are still ongoing resolutions I have, but everyone has those that don't necessarily have a specific time limit. For now, I'd like to focus on these resolutions and improve myself even more. 
To end this post on a slightly more positive note, I'm going to post some #TBT pics from the Japanese Festival I went to in August. I went by myself, but it was nice to spend the day on my own. The biggest downside to the festival was that it was really expensive compared to the one in my hometown. Oh well, it was fun for the most part!
Look at allllllll those overpriced snacks!! Those kit kats in the bottom left picture were the pudding flavored baked edition! You put them in the oven and the top chocolate caramelizes and gets crispy, I liked them! But honestly they are too much work to bake, plus if you leave them too long they get burnt lmao  Also, I definitely thought that Shingeki no Kyojin shirt was of Eren... I was like "okayyyyyy" but when I saw that it was Mikasa I thought to myself "what's any single anime ever without some form of fan-service?" ahahahaha! Okay, well that's it for this post~
Here's to a better year!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Fall Semester OOTDs!

Hi everyone!!! I hope everyone is having a good Thanksgiving Break, while remembering to reflect on what's happening in Ferguson and the entire country as a whole. This is a time to question the justice system and how it's failed to do its job. My heart goes out to Mike Brown and his family members, #NoJusticeNoPeace. I have not done much since school started so I will post some OOTDs. I realize I need to incorporate more pastel colored bottoms (skirts, shorts, etc.) to my wardrobe in order to fully achieve the look I'm aiming for. If anyone watched Shitsuren Chocolatier I'm ideally trying to achieve a look like Saeko (with the occasional splash of Ame-kaji in there). Don't be fooled though, Saeko's character is *not* as sweet as she looks I actually really hated her character ngl!! I feel like a lot of viewers loved her looks though, and this website conveniently finds brand matches of clothing worn during the drama! My mom agreed to let me buy a cute pink winter coat so I'm getting somewhere~
Taken from

So yeahhhh my clothes are not as pastel and light colored as I'd like but it's getting there! I've been doing a lot of shopping at H&M as of late, and I finally found a nice white cable knit sweater at Forever 21, lol I wish 75% of my stuff wasn't from them but it's cute and cheap for the most part! Also, I think if I wore lighter tights that were maybe skin tone or a little lighter that would brighten up my look over all. I can't go without tights because it's winter but black tights are Haha I hope someone gets what I mean. I made an entire list of clothes/accessories essentials, and I'm going to try and get a head start on Black Friday~

On another note, I'm currently in the process of applying for scholarships to go to Japan next summer. I feel like the time is right, especially because by the end of this school year I will finish my first formal course of Japanese classes ever! Classes are not too hard because I have a lot of experience with the language, but we have to memorize scripts that force us to use complicated grammar instead of plain grammar (which I appreciate to the fullest but can't deny the fact it's a bit tiring). Plus, I can actually write kanji without having to look it up on my computer first, yay!! I'm really grateful I have this opportunity, I can feel my language skills increasing greatly day by day. For now, I will fight it out until the end of finals so I can finally go home for Christmas break!! I'll end this with my nice selfie from Halloween; I was a cat! Bye everyone ☆彡

Monday, May 26, 2014

Dolly Wink no. 15 Pure Girl and Diamond Lash Secret Eye Review

Hey guys! It's finally summer vacation woooo! Today's post will be a review of my Dolly Wink no. 15 half lashes from Tsubasa's second wave of falsies, then Secret Eye  from Diamond Lash's Little Wink line. First off, Secret Eye!
Diamond Lash's Secret Eye has a thin band so it's quite comfy in my opinion. The lashes are full but still have a wispy look so compared to a lot of other lashes these are on the natural side. I wish these were a little shorter though. The price is very reasonable! I forgot how much I paid (I know it was over $10), but there's a lot of pairs in one box so these will definitely last me.
Price: 5/5
Look: 4/5
Comfort: 4/5
Next is Dolly Wink no. 15. These are the half lashes from Tsubasa's "Otona"/Adult Series. They are super easy to apply and add oomph to your eyes without them being easily noticed as falsies.
They are extremely light and comfortable, so for those who are new to false eyelashes and want to go at a slow pace, I would definitely get these. You can even put them on in a rush (which is my main issue when it comes to wearing falsies)! Also, you can wear these everyday for school, work, etc. and feel put together without feeling like you gave up time to do your makeup. Here is what they look like on me in sunlight.
The band is clear as are most of Tsubasa's lashes so you could probably wear these without eyeliner (but I always use eyeliner with lashes either way). Quite pricey for two sets though, and if you're not paying attention you could lose them since they are half the size of usual lashes >_<
Price: 3/5
Look: 5/5
Comfort: 5/5
On a relatable note, I just ordered Dolly Wink no. 8 lashes so I finally have some bottom falsies! But I'm sad because I just found out Tsubasa discontinued the no. 6 Baby Cute lashes which I had originally wanted! I kept hesitating since Dolly Wink lashes are expensive and these were not the most natural looking lashes. But honestly they would have been perfect for a Marina and the Diamonds look! 
But if I can find them somewhere, or any bottom lashes from another brand that look like these, I'll get them! If anyone knows any possible dupes out there, please let me know~~ *^_^*

Here is a guide to all the Dolly Wink lashes; if you like one of the first wave lashes but feel they might be too much just go for its counterpart in the second wave lashes (for example, No. 4 would be a counterpart for No. 15).
That's all for today, bye!