Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Shopping Haul!

Hey everyone! As it is the day after Thanksgiving, it's Black Friday!! I finally got to go for the first time this year and I'm so hyped because I got some really good deals! Even though I only bought 4 things... Ok so here's what I bought!
I bought dark red jeans from JCPenny, yoga pants from Victoria's Secret, and finally a Union Jack sweater plus the locket pendant from Forever 21.

Right now, retro prints and colors are very in for gyaru fashion this season, as well as things with the American or British flag. It's a nice, toned down look for autumn and winter. You can tell by looking at coordinates on Yumetenbo. I used them as a guide when looking for extra clothes I might want.

I fell in love with the sweater when I saw it 2 weeks earlier and promised to buy it right away! >3<

Plus I can wear it with my new red jeans! It was reduced from $38.00 to $12.99!! That's a deal~
The necklace is nice and good for statement jewelry which I don't have much of 

Finally I am in love with the yoga pants from PINK. I was supposed to buy them after losing about 10 more pounds but I couldn't let the bargain slip, so I'm just going to not wear them until I do so, which is a challenge because they are so comfy!

So that's it! I hope you all who went shopping got some good deals! Unfortunately I had (and still currently have) a sore throat so I couldn't enjoy my experience as much, oh well  I hope I recover before school starts because final exams are so close and I can't feel it yet >o>. Bye everyone!