Tuesday, April 3, 2012

W❤C Tora Sweater~

Hello everyone! I finally got my first brand name piece of gyaru clothing ever, the new Wakatsuki Chinatsu sweater from the Spring 2012 collection! I was so scared it wouldn't fit but its nice and snugly :3 I bought it from Sakura Dreams, such a great store!
I love the bow accent on it, I have those dark red jeans to match with it! I originally wanted purple but they sold out, but cream is easier to make coordinates with so I'm still thrilled 
 Haha my friend is wondering what this means ^o^

I shall take outfit pics when I lose some weight I gained over the spring break, oh well~ Bye!


  1. cute sweater!!! LOVE ITTTT <3

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  2. You are princess style~
    You like k-pop?
    wow I'm Korean!!
    who is your favorite singer?

    1. Aww thanks >3< I want to wear the outfit but it's so hot lately D:

      안녕하세요! I love SNSD, 2NE1, Kim Hyuna, Wonder Girls, and I have a couple of songs from other groups as well. Korean music is the best <3