Sunday, July 15, 2012

Europe Trip- Part 1!

Hi everyone! So this summer I went to Spain and France and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Spain and cool and all but one we landed in Paris I felt right at home. Everything was beautiful and delicious. I was wearing my red beret as I munched on my baguette sandwich. It was perfection. But for now here are the parts from Spain~
I got a gel manicure so I wouldn't have to worry about my nails but they chipped because air holes were on the sides -__-;;
View from the first hotel! 
There were no bull fights I wanted to see some matador bums, boo!
Crazy huge Chupa Chup!
This was the palace of the old monarchy, no pictures inside though for preservation.
Churros and chocolate dipping sauce, but I didn't eat any because I'm not a huge fan of fried bread basically haha.
Oh my god this guy was a worker from the travel company but he was soooo fit, look at his arms! He was super hot I got a bunch of secret pics of him lol

This tunnel was in an episode of America's Next Top Model! I had to do a double take XD
That boy that photobombed was so cute he was a rising freshman but he was so adorable I fangirled over him and then I gave him a gajillion hugs before we had to go, so sad! 
Now to end this post with a waffle pic that will make you hungry! I loved the caramel sauce and I was about to sprinkle powdered sugar on it (lol I have a sweet tooth) but the lady was like 2 euros extra! And of course I was like f**k that lol. Next part is France! ^3^

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