Saturday, July 21, 2012

Europe Trip- Part 1.5!

Now this is when I crossed the Pyrenees into France! It was such a calm feeling, except my ears kept popping because everything is so elevated compared to the U.S. But I saved Paris for it's own post so here's Carcassone and Avignon. I had a really bad experience in Avignon which ruined that day for me...don't really want to get into it but I was not amused.
This store was called La Cure Gourmande, I kid you not the biscuits and cookies are amazing! They give samples as well so you know what to get! I went into the store in Spain but didn't have any time to get the cookies I tried, and I couldn't sleep because I felt guilty for not buying any for the family. So when I saw the store in Carcasonne I was quick to whip out my wallet!
Felt like I was in Shrek or something so legit
This was a salad from one of our many 3-course meals that I really enjoyed, the tomato flat-bread tasted good I wish it had been steaming hot though, I like my food burning hot ~
This was probably my 2nd/3rd favorite entree, the 2 circle shaped things were like fancy tater tots LOL
Soon to come...the one, the only, famous city of lights, PARIS!!
I now shamelessly leave you with a picture of a stereotypical French man because literally I probably looked like that the whole time, I wore my red beret everyday

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