Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Europe Trip- Part 2!!

Last post about my trip to Europe is dedicated to the amazing city that is Paris. I love it so much, everything was perfection. I can't wait to go back someday! But that means I have to learn some French... This is also my blog anniversary I didn't do much this year, so next year I need to step it up! ↑
The train station, once you step outside you are breathing in magic.
I tend to hate the outdoors but I don't mind this at all
The famous bride that was definitely in Nodame Cantabile!! 
PIERRE HERME, aksnclsndcowainiorcnlckanxklmnlsandkcnxksk!
The ultimate symbol of the city... 
And the Arc Du Triomphe was like 2 blocks away from the hotel! :)
It was some special guard day so there people were out and about.
Even the outside renovation thing is pretty for Laduree
No pictures allowed inside though, boo!
 Hot guys graduated in front of the Arc, if only I had a chance to look though and pick one... 
I got a burre sucre crepe and there was sooo much sugar not even kidding I got a headache eating it, but it was yummy! I scraped off the extra sugar though
Of course the actress from Marie Antoinette ^3^
And Versailles might as well just be made from gold, I'd live there
The gardens were pretty until a fucked up bee started chasing me wtf
I ate all the macarons I bought by myself, sorry not sorry
The Louvre, biggest museum in the world, and it's no joke
Bitches be lining up to take a picture of the Mona Lisa when she just looks creepy as hell I really can't understand. I got out of that crowd as quickly as I could
The Thinker! So cool :D
This was my last meal of the trip, it was so delicious, I'm glad the food ended on a super good note!
So that was my Spain/France trip! I hope everyone gets a chance to go to France because it's truly amazing!!


  1. I'm so jealous! I've always wanted to go to Europe. Especially Paris!! ♥ ♥ The architecture is just beautiful. I would probably get so tired from taking photos all day lol

    And my favorite photo has gotta be the hot guys graduating. xD!!

    1. Thank you!!! :3 and yes, they were so nervous standing outside the arc it was so cute♪

  2. I'm not sure what that strawberry dessert was but it looked adorable, how could you possibly eat it (;

    1. It's a fraisier! :D it was soo yummy though, yay for buying the last one ^3^