Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Summer Has Come to An End :(

Hey everyone! I am currently wallowing in my sadness because the dreaded kid-jail known as school has once again started. But I had a few fun last days in July. Now that I have a license I can shop around and go to the movies on my own, it's a very liberating feeling. But now that I can actually spend money on my own the urges to get a job are strong.... -3- Here is a phone wallpaper of my macarons from laduree :3

I spent some time out and about, here is the FOTD & OOTD
Blouse: Marshall's 
Shorts: H&M
Necklace: Charming Charlie's

I need to work on makeup (but I can totally put on falsies with ease now!), and get cooler nerd glasses that aren't 3d movie glasses haha. Starbucks is actually really good, I tried a caramel frappuccino for the first time and it was really awesome! So sweet *^3^* and the Very Bery Hibiscus Refresher is good too...
I hope everyone spends their last days of summer well, I wish school didn't start so early for me


  1. Love the look! Nerdy and cute! Everything I see on your post makes me hungry, or squeeful. Your taste is a lot like mine!