Monday, August 19, 2013

Rilakkuma Souvenir Haul!

So I know I haven't posted in a very long time. However, I just got an iPhone and I'm starting college...tomorrow! I still don't even believe it eeps! >_< However this summer two of my best friends went to Japan and brought me back my favorite thing ever...Rilakkuma stuff! My dorm room will be Rilakkuma themed so I've bought things like a rug, and trash bin. My friend messaged me while she was in the store even though it was 1 am. It looks amazing in there *o*
The sign says "smartphone goods" but it should really say "iPhone goods", I see no cases for any other kind of phone?? But there are the headphones in the top right corner. I told my friend to buy me the korilakkuma case on the 2nd row left side 
I got this cup! One day I shall get to go in there and destroy my wallet :D
Now I am going to post all the cool stuff I got~
Even the bags are crazy cute! It's Rilakkuma's 10th anniversary so that explains all the carnival stuf
 From the Left: Cool card explaining the anniversary, a matching sticker, a rilakkuma keychain charm, and two washcloths! The same friend got me the washcloth for my birthday last year 
It's a takoyaki rilakkuma charm!!! This is so incredible and also really special. A few years ago I was telling my friend how in Zero no Tsukaima's beach OVA episode, the guy killed the octopus monster and made this food called "takoyaki". She said "we have it at our house" (she's from Tokyo btw). That was the first time I ever went to her house, I was so nervous haha! And they had things in Japanese all over the place, but the coolest thing was how delicious the takoyaki was. It's our friendship food haha; I even named my first personal email account after it...!
Other fun non-rilakkuma stuff! The donut is squishyyyyy
This will be my college relaxation kit, it has my strawberry yogurt masks, my face roller, and some biore strips. This bag was also a present from last year, I'm obsessed!
The clear file is really cute and matches the key covers I bought below. The thing on the bottom right is a "PET bottle cover". I don't know what PET exactly stands for but they are basically plastic bottles. If you have a cold water bottle you can put this sleeve on and there is no coldness or wetness from the bottle's condensation! Just another little thing that's extremely useful :D Also the can has chocolate and coffee flavoured hard candies but they are a little too sweet so it will be mainly decoration. More plushie charms, and that tape is super cute and has a cup cake pattern; seriously, how is everything so cute!? I almost don't want to use the tape because it's too pretty!! 
 Ok these are things I bought for myself but look! Cute stationary for writing letters to my friends. There is 95% chance that on your birthday I will give you a hand written letter with cute envelopes and such ♪
Dude my new iPhone is so cute, I actually asked my friend to specifically buy the case/screen protector but then she got me the cake stand!! I died when I saw it, isn't it so perfect? Decoration and function :)
Key covers for my dorm room key and mailbox key! Also the cup to drink whatever in the comfort of my room~
Out with the old... and in with the new!
All my new Rilakkuma stuff almost makes me want to move out and start college, almost. I'm just freaked out about the whole "not coming back home for 5 months", living with 2 strangers, and not having my own room to stay in all day....  
But this is a new experience, so it's time to start this new chapter of my life! See you guys soon~

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