Friday, December 27, 2013

A Day in My First Fall Semester of Uni~!

Hi everyone~! It has been a very long time since I updated my blog, college is seriously no joke. Towards finals I would wake up, eat, study, study, nap, eat, study, then go back to sleep. So basically it's all work and no play. Although I did go out for some fun after my two hard finals! Anyway I was supposed to do this post during November but here it is; a typical college day for me during these last months.
So I wake up to all my lovely Rilakkuma stuff; a picture of my rilakkuma rug and bed are on my instagram from move in day.

Behold my cluttered makeup drawer! But it's usually quite organized hehehe. I keep all my jewelry in Laduree boxes, #getonmylevel. I try not to wear too much makeup, I never used to wear makeup in middle/high school so it hasn't been too good for my skin I guess. I also never wear gyaru make unless I'm going out, like honestly I just want to go to class, get back to the dorm and go to sleep again. 
♪ Shirt: Target ♪
♪ Sweater: *from my mother*♪
♪ Leggings: Marshalls ♪
♪ Boots: Payless ♪
♪ Beret: Ebay ♪

Walks to class are usually between 10-15 minutes...I never realized how much I'd hate the walking, especially when it gets cold. When it was hot and I was barely gonna make it I'd show up to class sweaty with my makeup getting ruined from patting the sweat off wtf. But at least then I didn't have to wear 3 layers AND a heavy winter coat omg
I keep my dorm room key (has the Rilakkuma cover on it), mail box key, and student ID in this pouch I found on eBay. Along with my ID, it can fit other cards and my iPhone; there's a hole on one of the sides so you can listen to music with headphones. 
Usually for lunch I eat at the vegetarian place on campus because they have the best flat bread (fancy talk for pizza basically but not as bad for you)! Obviously this pic was from a few days after but I was busy oops >_< Also, I was obsessed with Naked Juice but it's very expensive so I eventually had to cut myself off of it... 
My afternoons are usually free and then meetings are all in the evening. Sometimes different clubs schedule meetings during the exact same time and you get penalties for missing meetings...! Wow way to make life hard. There's a smoothie place on campus that uses boxed juices and not real fruit but I still like it haha.

Okay well that's it for a boring post! Bye everyone~

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