Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring Break 2014!

Hello everyone! It's finally Spring Break so I can update while jamming to Eric Saade! Anyway my spring semester has been extremely busy. But it's mostly school work without the transitioning experience to intensify everything. I have a compilation of my OOTD's since I haven't done much haha
The last one was my Valentine's Day OOTD, I really liked my outfit even though all I did that day was see a movie hehe. I finally got another plaid skirt (this time red) for only $5! I was so excited eeps! So now I'll be wearing that too instead of my green one all the time. I just got Dolly Wink no. 15 lashes (the ones in the second wave that are half-lashes) so my next post will be a review~ See you next time 

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