Friday, November 28, 2014

Fall Semester OOTDs!

Hi everyone!!! I hope everyone is having a good Thanksgiving Break, while remembering to reflect on what's happening in Ferguson and the entire country as a whole. This is a time to question the justice system and how it's failed to do its job. My heart goes out to Mike Brown and his family members, #NoJusticeNoPeace. I have not done much since school started so I will post some OOTDs. I realize I need to incorporate more pastel colored bottoms (skirts, shorts, etc.) to my wardrobe in order to fully achieve the look I'm aiming for. If anyone watched Shitsuren Chocolatier I'm ideally trying to achieve a look like Saeko (with the occasional splash of Ame-kaji in there). Don't be fooled though, Saeko's character is *not* as sweet as she looks I actually really hated her character ngl!! I feel like a lot of viewers loved her looks though, and this website conveniently finds brand matches of clothing worn during the drama! My mom agreed to let me buy a cute pink winter coat so I'm getting somewhere~
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So yeahhhh my clothes are not as pastel and light colored as I'd like but it's getting there! I've been doing a lot of shopping at H&M as of late, and I finally found a nice white cable knit sweater at Forever 21, lol I wish 75% of my stuff wasn't from them but it's cute and cheap for the most part! Also, I think if I wore lighter tights that were maybe skin tone or a little lighter that would brighten up my look over all. I can't go without tights because it's winter but black tights are Haha I hope someone gets what I mean. I made an entire list of clothes/accessories essentials, and I'm going to try and get a head start on Black Friday~

On another note, I'm currently in the process of applying for scholarships to go to Japan next summer. I feel like the time is right, especially because by the end of this school year I will finish my first formal course of Japanese classes ever! Classes are not too hard because I have a lot of experience with the language, but we have to memorize scripts that force us to use complicated grammar instead of plain grammar (which I appreciate to the fullest but can't deny the fact it's a bit tiring). Plus, I can actually write kanji without having to look it up on my computer first, yay!! I'm really grateful I have this opportunity, I can feel my language skills increasing greatly day by day. For now, I will fight it out until the end of finals so I can finally go home for Christmas break!! I'll end this with my nice selfie from Halloween; I was a cat! Bye everyone ☆彡

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