Saturday, January 3, 2015

It's 2015~

Happy New Year everyone!!! I'm really glad 2014 is was a challenging year from many fronts, but it was necessary. Many events that challenged people to recognize social issues happened, and the experiences I had from the past few months have helped shaped my views and character greatly. I guess it's time for resolutions, but for once I'm happy I kept 3 of my originally planned resolutions (only 1 of them was officially written in my list though). This year I took breaks when needed, although I feel that I became lax when it came to fully concentrating on my work. I kept a mason jar where I wrote down happy things that happened over the course of the last 12 months, and I finished reading them earlier today. Finally, my friends and I were *supposed* to do the year of selfies challenge where you take selfies often and put them in order to see how your look changed. I got better at makeup, but my forehead has been troublesome lately >_< I'm gonna try and find some better products to use to even out my skin tone, ahhhh.
Now that I've gotten better at setting realistic goals for myself that I can measure the results directly, I have a new set of resolutions to tackle for 2015.
  • Take college courses that I find interesting and I can be successful in. I've realized that I do not love Biology in its entirety, plus there are so many subjects I'd love to learn more about. I'm taking an international studies course this semester so let's hope it's good!
  • Finally go to Japan. I've been working on multiple applications, and I have to seize every opportunity available. After this spring semester, I will have completed 1 year of formal classes (along with learning over 500+ kanji!!). It's been my dream since middle school so I need to work hard to make it a reality.
  • Improve my style and makeup. I bought a pastel pink coat from ASOS but it did not work for me...alas! I will still add a pastel coat to my wardrobe. And I just got my first Urban Decay palette so I want to improve my makeup even more~
  • Stick to a steady diet plan until I feel ready to transition into simply eating healthy + Stretch (again). Back in high school I was on the Atkins Diet and it really did work wonders for me. I don't want to be held back anymore because of the issues I had back then. I've returned to a low carb diet and I can see the difference again, so I'm going to keep strong and stick to it for the rest of January. Plus I've decided that I will try and get the splits down by December. I've been so close, yet so far. Fighting!
  • Update my blog more often. I always see all the top bloggers making their posts with perfect makeup selfies like everyday which is impossible for my college schedule (sleep always wins over makeup in the end omg), but I want to improve my skills so that when I go to Japan all my posts will be spectacular :)
Of course there are still ongoing resolutions I have, but everyone has those that don't necessarily have a specific time limit. For now, I'd like to focus on these resolutions and improve myself even more. 
To end this post on a slightly more positive note, I'm going to post some #TBT pics from the Japanese Festival I went to in August. I went by myself, but it was nice to spend the day on my own. The biggest downside to the festival was that it was really expensive compared to the one in my hometown. Oh well, it was fun for the most part!
Look at allllllll those overpriced snacks!! Those kit kats in the bottom left picture were the pudding flavored baked edition! You put them in the oven and the top chocolate caramelizes and gets crispy, I liked them! But honestly they are too much work to bake, plus if you leave them too long they get burnt lmao  Also, I definitely thought that Shingeki no Kyojin shirt was of Eren... I was like "okayyyyyy" but when I saw that it was Mikasa I thought to myself "what's any single anime ever without some form of fan-service?" ahahahaha! Okay, well that's it for this post~
Here's to a better year!

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